Landing Programme

West Midlands, UK


Gain access to one of the world’s most influential markets

The Landing Programme West Midlands (UK) is an international programme designed to support entrepreneurs in accessing the West Midlands, one of the world’s most influential markets. The programme elements combine market preparation, opportunities to pitch, and guidance delivered by professionals and mentors from all around the world. The Landing Programme lies on globally recognised frameworks designed by Scale&Connect and Smart Landing Program in a partnership with the high-priority government project INPUT Program recognised as Global Best Practice by the United Nations.

It is more than just an entrepreneurial programme!

The Landing Programme acts as a bridge for different countries with the aim of facilitating cross-border expansion of initiatives and best practice sharing through an active global network. This recognised framework aids the fostering of innovation and entrepreneurs in their global market expansion by involving the support of local and international experts.

Why the West Midlands?

Due to the dynamic and innovative market environment, the programme is set in Birmingham, the heart of the West Midlands, the fastest-growing tech region in the UK. The Landing Programme West Midlands (UK) provides its international participants with a globally recognised market preparation programme delivered by the leading ecosystem players of the West Midlands UK ecosystem (Birmingham Tech, Tech Nation, Birmingham Enterprise Community, Bruntwood SciTech) and the opportunity to pitch in the Pitch&Bridge international startup competition. The selected winner(s) gets access to a world-class programme in Birmingham, supported by our partners Bruntwood SciTech, Birmingham Enterprise Community, and a market entry mentor package provided by Scale&Connect.


What does the programme offer?


Training on Market-entry preparation,  B2B sales, branding & communications, and access to investment  in the UK.


First-hand expert knowledge and advice from our certified mentors under our UN-recognised framework.


Access to an exclusive event and opportunity to engage with our partners and relevant ecosystem players.


1:1 Meetings with ecosystem players and connections to multiple initiatives led by our partners in the West Midlands, UK.

International Pitch Competition

The chance to pitch & win a tailored market entry programme + mentoring package in the West Midlands, UK.

The Landing Programme West Midlands serves as a catalyst for cross-border projects and best practice sharing across nations, stimulating innovation and aiding entrepreneurs in entering global markets.

Meet some of our Collaborators:

If you want to be the next destination for the Landing Programme and be part of a global network supporting entrepreneurs, contact us!